The Dreaded Pox!

AAAAGGHH!! Guess we couldn't have avoided it for much longer since most of Raiyan's classmates have had it in the past month.. Yesterday morning, Raiyan woke up scratching his tummy and true enough, he was all covered in the wretched spots!!

With all the hecticness going around planning for our Learning Ladders Launching and Autism Awareness Event in 5 days time, I think you can imagine that the last thing we expected was to deal with Raiyan having chicken pox at this point in time. We already couldn't imagine how Sharina (our president) was handling it all for the past month when each of her 3 angels had the pox all in a row! And now it's happened to us, FIVE days before one of the most important days of our lives! Sigh...

Today being the second day of the spot attack sees more of them appearing on Raiyan's face so it is highly likely that he won't actually be able to attend the event.. I can't help feeling so sad and disappointed! But at the same time, I've always been the type to think and believe that ALL things happen for a reason so I am content with the trustful thought that there must be a good reason behind why it would be better for Raiyan to not be there on Thursday (though I can't think of ANY now!!-nor can any of our family and friends!!)

But on the plus side, I also have to say how delighted I am that Raiyan has caught the pox at this time of his life. I know that must sound horrible at first instance but what I mean is when I compare to how it was like before, during times when he used to just get the odd flu, I would often think the worst and thought he must be feeling so so terrible when he would just be sitting queitly watching tv endlessly...

But NOW, even though he LOOKS so so terrible with this swollen eyes and lips and all the blisters all over him, he's STILL happily talking away while watching television, he STILL responds to those calling out to him, he's STILL eating his meals (albeit in lesser portions), he's STILL drinking an acceptable amount of liquids (though still not enough water) and STILL able to give in when his ritualistic tendencies are ignored...

The best part was when he kept wailing "get the gatal off! I want gatal off! I want to see the doctor!" (gatal-itchiness)

For me, just that alone is enough to keep me going during these crazy times.. :D


Nisa said...

Aww the poor fellow! Yea, it's a shame the pox had to come five days before the big event! But nevermind, awu bah I'm sure it's much nicer that he's verbalising his itchiness rather than keeping it to himself. Hehe.

Get well soon, Raiyan!

pinkilili said...

What a shame, just 5 days before the event! And it takes so long for the spots to start drying, I just had Aaro vaccinated against chicken pox, it would've been quite impossible for me to stay at home from work for up to 10 days to take care of him. Here they don't let the children go to kindy till ALL the spots have dried. I hope Raiyan feels better soon and you still find strength to go on planning and organizing the event! Hugs to all!

Pweshes Mama said...

Hi Nisa and Suvi,

Hehehe guess by now you've realised that the poxy boy managed to get sneaked in to the event after all! Everyone, esp his therapists just insisted he come cos they said by then it would definitely dry up anyway and thus would not be infectious anymore. So it did dry up and then we just combed his hair down and buttoned up his long sleeve shirt and hey the princess didnt notice! :D

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