Friday's ISB Motor Skills Programme

Raiyan had such a BLAST at yesterday's motor skills programme at ISB seeing how he hasn't gone for almost a month (due to chicken pox and school holidays). If you don't know, this programme is part of the activities that Learning Ladders members get to enjoy. You can read more about the whole Learning Ladders Programme here. He was having so much fun and I was so delighted to see him talking and communicating with everyone there :D:D

Of course Raiyan was excited to see all his buddies and friends. ("Buddies" are the IB students who play and mind them at the playground). When asked beforehand, he said he wants to see Adek, Danial, Fadhil, Raiyyan I and Haris (all of them are featured on the cover of any Learning Ladders publications a.k.a Learning Ladders Models!). Upon arriving ISB he immediately saw Chris, one of the volunteers and said "Hi Chris!" and went on to hold Chris' hand!

Then Chris said "Raiyan, I have to go open the gate (of the playground)"

Since we were at the entrance of ISB and that gate was open, Raiyan then said "But the gate is open!"
Chris and I both laughed and explained to him that Chris needs to open the gate of the playground.. hehehe

At the playground, I actually overheard Raiyan telling Chris and Rajiv (his IB buddies) "Babah and mama took me to the beach!" Hehe pandai lagi becerita2 tu!

As I have previously told in past stories, Raiyan is being kinda clingy with Adek (Sharina's son) now so the whole time before Adek came, he kept saying "Where's Adek? Find Adek!" So when Adek finally came, Chris straight away told Raiyan "Raiyan! I found Adek!". And everyone came clamouring around to see the long expected reunion of these 2 best friends. These are the pweshes shots I got of Raiyan as soon as he saw Adek: AAWWWW....

This is Adek and Raiyan going on the new "bumper" cars that Learning Ladders have purchased for the children:

The funniest thing I overheard with Raiyan was him going up to Adek who has just finished eating his crisps whilst sat at the table and not really wanting to play just yet.

Raiyan: Adek, do you want to get on the car?

Adek: No

Raiyan: Why not? You finished your crisps...

Haha memajal lagitu! I think I know where he gets that from (erm..his mama).

I can tell that Raiyan really craves to have friends with him all the time now. So much that he would wave some random child of his age when he's in the car or he would say hello to them at shops! So sweet.. we just have to teach him more social skills to enable him to sustain the friendship!


Lola said...

Oh my goodness, i am at awe on how Raiyan has improved. I have been reading Pweshes Mama's blog religiously and oh my, how proud i am of Raiyan's accomplishments. Keep it Up..

Pweshes Mama said...

Thanks Lola!! I really appreciate your sweet words! :D

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