ICC Consumer Fair

Just a quick info that learning ladders has its own booth at the ICC consumer fair and we are selling awesome goodies like thermos, pens, highlighters,umbrellas, t-shirts, notebook with matching pens and tote bags.

Funny story was that we ONLY just got the goodies this morning so we were actually planning to cancel our booth! Luckily Mimel intercepted Linda almost canceling at the very last minute and thankfully with it being a Friday Mimel, Linda and Dino and of course my dear Hubby too quickly whipped something and alhamdulillah it looks great!!

I'm posting this from my iPhone so I can't put any pics but I shall put them up as soon as I get home - cause I'm manning the booth now!

Please come and show ur support and buy our goodies ok-they were chosen by us! Hopefully you will find them in good taste heehee

Just to share, the funds will help towards renovating and decorating our learning center and of course they will always be useful for resources for the therapy and also to help top up our family in need fund.

Thanks and hope to see u there!


pinkilili said...

Wish I was there, I'd come and see you and buy lots of stuff! Have a fun day, can't wait to see the photos! xxx

Pweshes Mama said...

aaw thanks hon! If ONLY you ARE here!! :D

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