On Hiatus

I know this blog has been very inactive for a very long time and I have to apologise to any avid readers who do happen to miss Raiyan - well at least one of them voiced their feelings out to me today so I'm not completely perasan!

So this is just a quick note to say that Raiyan is FINE.. completely fine and doing very, very well. So well that I find myself in that tricky spot again where I feel unsure of whether or not I should still continue to talk about him in the context of his autism. Lately, he's been doing so many things just like how any ole' typical kid will do and we hardly witness any traits that are so obviously to do with the autism so I feel like the only stories I have to share would in turn make me look like an overzealous mother or dare I say it, even to the extent of "showing off" especially when I talk about him doing things that even surpasses some of his peers!

Nonetheless, I still do realise the importance of why I started this blog and that is to share clear-cut information of the process of how we are getting Raiyan to this so-called "recovery" place so I will still endeavour to do just that from now on.

The good news is that Pweshes Babah has just last night done up our study room and the atmosphere just makes it all the more conducive for me to comfortably sit down at the table and just blog... Which is why I have found this new semangat to create this post! So hopefully this will help entice me to do this more often.

This won't be the last you hear from me I promise! But if you really miss Raiyan, may I suggest you read all the older stories of him and amazingly see how far he has come?! Alhamdulillah! :D


Anonymous said...

Sharing how wonderful Raiyan is doing is not showing off in my mind. It is sharing the hope other parents can hold onto who have children who are not as far into therapy as Raiyan is. It's like seeing my son in a couple years time. When you chose to blog again, please "brag"!!!!

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

So glad to hear things are well! Take care and best wishes!

Nisa said...

Hi Ka! Yayyyy you're back with Raiyan stories!! Heehee I missed Raiyan and the kids too, but I thought you were in Singapore all this time so decided I shouldn't bother you! Heehee. Anyways, just to let you know I love reading about Raiyan, autism or non-autism context, so just keep posting okay! Hehe hugs! =)

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