Week 9 Progress

  • I have noticed that Raiyan is starting to get more aware of his surroundings now which has resulted him to be at times kinda “sakai” with a lot of things... like today this was how he looked like when his class teacher was reading the class book out loud. Not only was he so fascinated, he stayed put like that THROUGHOUT the book was read!!

  • His attention for things around him now is so good that he hardly sits back in the car.. He’s always sitting upright and keen to see things outside the car that he can call out for!
  • He is beginning to learn things by himself that was never taught by K. For example, he always bagi salam when he enters the house and when we give salam, he knows how to balas by saying “walaikumsalam” instead of just repeating “assalamualaikum”;
  • He was able to tell me the other FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER what he did earlier that day with J. The conversation went like:

    Mama: Did you see Mrs J today?
    R: Yes
    M: What did you do?
    R: Animals!
    M (thinking “how typical”) further asked: Where were the animals?
    R: In the computer..
    M (“hmm, maybe we’re going somewhere here..): You just look at animals in the computer?
    R: Aaahh.. magnifying glass
    M: You looked through a magnifying glass?
    R: Yes! I look at animal footprints!
    M: What animal footprints?
    R: Aah.. a leopard, an elephant, a cat, a dog

    Ok so before I got too excited, I called Mrs J and asked if there was a computer, magnifying glass and animal footprints during his session today and she simply said “yes!” He was looking at animal footprints on the computer using a magnifying glass!!!!!! Yahoooo!!
  • He is keen to baca Al-Fatehah with me every night before he sleeps. I could never get his interest to do this before..Alhamdulillah for this achievement..
  • He is my helpful assistant when buying gas for the car (which he would say “Car thirsty. Car needs a drink”!) by giving the gas attendant the money when it’s time to pay!
  • He is constantly playing with something now that involves his imagination which has naturally caused him to spend so much less time on the computer and the TV!
  • He has an absolutely endearingly beautiful relationship with Alisha now.. They always play together.. They sing “rehab” together with Raiyan saying “we need to try and rehab and I said” and then Alisha says “no, no, no” hahaha I know I’m sure you’re appalled at me for teaching such stupid things.. but it’s funny!! Anyway, witness their obvious love for each other at this post;
  • He’s developing his own natural sense of humour now by laughing at genuinely funny things on TV and joking around with me over really silly things. For example, he just loves to take pictures of me when I tell him not to and he would laugh hysterically when he still catches me when I’m trying so hard to avoid him!
  • He still has big difficulties with his “L” pronounciation so there are still many words that he says that we don’t understand. Before he would get so frustrated and tantrummy when we don’t understand what he’s saying but now he just laughs at himself when I just don’t know what word he’s saying heehee;
  • His arts and crafts now are clearly showing how much his imagination has developed. He came back with this the other day, which was supposed to be a T-Rex. He was so proudly carrying it over the place and we were all complimenting him even though none of us thought it looked anything like a t-rex! It was only later that I asked him specifically what it is and he said “dinasour bones” and then it occurred to me how that made more sense because the sculpture he brought was white and had lines on them!! DUH mama!!

Another amazing week huh?!! Alhamdulillah for everything!!! Till next week!


Nisa said...

Alhamdulillah for all the progress! And well done to Raiyan! He's so big sudah now.. Migod how time flies! Hehe

Pweshes Mama said...

Thanks Nisa.. yahm syukur alhamdulillah Raiyan is doing so well.. cant wait till the next time you come back home and meet him! :D

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