Never Stop Playing!

Here are some pics of imagination play Raiyan got up to recently.

This is something he saw in that children's show Hi-5. Upon seeing these hoola hoops he insisted on copying what Nathan did with it in the show-which is to make it look like a bicycle. He did get a little help from babah on this:

Raiyan still really loves to play with these wooden blocks expecially making houses of them:

This is Alisha's baby Emma having a picnic under a tent, courtesy of Raiyan also (oh and thanks to Alisha too for lending her toys!)

And of course the ultimate favourite is anything to do with animals and this is something Raiyan created just last night, which I can only assume to modeled on what he saw in Singapore Zoo:

Notice the penguins on the side (from the rest of the animals), some of the animals in their cages and two lil people (who he says to be him and Alisha) on the tram going round the zoo! How cute!


Casdok said...

Shows great imagination!

Anonymous said...

It reminds of when my autistic son was 5 to 7 years old ...
He can do much better sure he will

Pweshes Mama said...

Thanks casdok! And thanks for popping by!

Pweshes Mama said...

Hi anon, thanks for the vote of confidence :D

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