New Year,New Buddies

Learning Ladders Society has been running this joint programme with ISB since last year where we have the IB (6th form equivalent) students as part of their community service programme, take care of our kids for about an hour at the adventure playground at the school. The students that were in the programme last year, many of them were STARS of our Learning Ladders Society Launching Video =), are now in upper IB which means they have to start concentrating more time on their studies. Which means that the lower IB students have to take over this year.

So yesterday was the handing out/takeover session from the old to the new. And what a great turnout it was! :D. A bunch of new parents also came over and it is always nice to meet new faces and share new stories. It was also nice to be reunited with all the other usuals after not seeing each other during the summer breaks!

To the new parents, I can anticipate that you may be initially wondering what are the benefits of this programme. And let me assure you, the improvements I see are not just with Raiyan but also with other kids:- their confidence really soars.. Not only their confidence to try new gross motor skills such as climbing, hanging, running, rolling, catching ball but it's their improved social confidence that has amazed us parents. From initially being either terrified or completely oblivious to the existence of these "buddies" (what we call the IB students) and to the other children, after a while, these kids actually start to ask for their buddies by name, are obviously happy when they see the buddies and all the other kids and generally look so excited and thrilled everytime they arrive to the playground.

I also see the increased confidence in the mommies and daddies who bring their kids because from initially being worried about every little step their child takes, they are now chatting away with each other without a care in the world about their child for just that one hour. From all the daily stresses we parents get in taking care of our child, don't you crave for that one assured hour when you don't have to worry about your child AND know that they are enjoying themselves at the same time?

Plus this programme is absolutely FREE so long as you are a member of the Society.

Another great thing about the programme is how much we have spread positive awareness of autism to the buddies themselves. From not knowing what on earth autism is, these teenagers now can actually converse and communicate with our kids AND I'm sure it must be so fulfilling for them to be able to do so considering how hopeless the situation must have been when they first started! And they can spread the positive awareness to others and so on and so on.. Even they are amazed to see the improvements in these kids:D

As you can see, there are many many advantages to this joint programme so we would like to invite more and more parents to come! Just contact Learning Ladders Society for further info ok!

Great Motor Skills Raiyan!

Oh and siblings are welcomed to join along too!


May said...

I have to admit that I didn't know much about Autism before, and even after reading pages upon pages of information online, nothing quite prepared me for the meeting of these wonderful children!

Even though I started off a little nervous, I soon calmed down with the assurance of the "older buddies". I enjoyed myself thoroughly and interacting with children has never been this satisfying and humbling.

It is so true that there is little awareness in Brunei... and I think the eagerness to learn can be under-estimated. I for one has always wanted to learn more and help out, but has never had the opportunity to until the introduction of this program at ISB.

From my perspective, Raiyan is an immensely gifted little boy - his knowledge of animals is truly remarkable. He even knows more than I do!

I must thank you for offering such great insights into Raiyan's life. It offers much needed encouragement to parents facing the same problems. With some information gathered here, I was able to refer a family in fear of autism to contact the learning ladders society. After many years of undecided diagnoses, they're finally looking forward to a brighter future!

Raiyan is truly precious, and I wish you all the best on this exciting peaceful journey!


Pweshes Mama said...

Hi May, Thank you so much for your heartwarming comments:D You can't imagine how much faith you have restored in me and all other autism parents out there in knowing that there are people like you out there, who is not only eager to learn but is also enjoying the process along the way. I'm sorry if I ever gave the impression that the eagerness to learn is underestimated-but unfortunately that is the impression that I've gotten through my experience in interacting with others about autism here to date.

But I shall not discount the existence of you guys from now on! Thank you so so much for your words of encouragement and support. I'm looking forward to a productive and FUN year ahead with you and all the other IB buddies.

Oh and I completely appreciate you spreading the word about autism so positively and connected parents who needed help to the society.

Take care and warm regards,

Vie said...

Hi, My name is Viviana from Malaysia. I have known your blog for sometime but never leave a comment yet. I was teary when I read your post 10 reasons....before. I always recommend your site to parents with autism children.

I love your blog and the header of your blog. I sincerely pass this creative blogger award to you. Hopefully you take it. Please let me know.

Warm regards, Viviana

Pweshes Mama said...

Hi Viviana, of course I am so flattered and honoured to accept the award :D and thanks so much for all your kind words... they brought a tear in my eye too and I am so grateful that you recommend my site to other parents dealing with autism.

I checked out your blog and the rules about the award so I guess I'll just follow what you did yeah?

It's so lovely to meet your acquaintance and you have realllyyy made my day!! Thank yooouuu!!

Warm Regards,

Vie said...

Hi Riana, you're welcome too ! Just come to know your name, it sounds like a rhyme with your son, Ryan. You're a deserving mom to get the award for your effort of having a blog site that helps other parents. Ryan looks like a normal child to me.

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