Louder Than Words

I have a confession to make. I was inspired to write this blog right after reading Jenny McCarthy's book, below:
Some of you may remember her more for being a former playmate, a glamour model, the lunatic host of MTV Singled Out and being equally loony in the Jenny McCarthy show in the late 1990s, rather than being aware of her recent blossoming into becoming a respectable writer. I don't necessarily agree with the ways she portrays herself on TV sometimes because I am kind of a prude. But what I do admire about Jenny McCarthy is her honesty and how she lives her life with the confident disregard of being judged by others. And of course I still thought she's hilarious and absolutely beautiful at the same time.

But now, after having read her book, her beauty in my eyes has radiated a new level of gorgeousness, both inside and out. In "Louder than Words", she heartbreakingly and courageously shares the story of her pweshes 5 years old Evan who was diagnosed with autism at 2 and a half years old and how since then, with her dedication and the supportive people around her, they have managed to substantially heal him for the better (though admittedly, like a lot of other autistic children, he is still a work in progress).

I was so ecstatic to catch her and Holly Robinson Peete on the Oprah Winfrey Show last night and was so emotionally overwhelmed with how open, raw and candid they were about their journey with their autistic children. I will never forget the strong words of encouragement and hope given by them which is "There is a wall around your child, you just have to pull him out of the window". In other words, our autistic children are trapped somewhere and it is up to us to rescue them.

If you can please try to catch the repeat later this afternoon at 1:00pm on the Hallmark Channel. And get your tissues ready!


Scrapper-holic said...

Hi Pweshes Mama

I saw the reference to your blog from babytaitai's and clicked on it today little knowing that it would be someone i know.

I always tot that i was being too paranoid when i worry bout my boys' short attention spans and now with my 1 yr old, how i worry as he's much slower at developing than his older brother. I try and tell myself not to compare the boys but i'm constantly aware of autism (thru SMARTER's work and now your blog) and even stuff like dyslexia.

You and Jeff are doing so well with Raiyan and your dedication, hope and faith brings me to tears! Reading all your posts today (yes whilst in the office i'm ashamed to say) encourages me to try and spend more time with my kids and that they deserve more attention from me than what they have been getting.

Keep the faith and nevermind the mummy meltdowns, it happens to all parents. I look forward to reading more on Raiyan's great achievements.


Pweshes Mama said...

Hi dear!I'm so happy to hear that you are aware of autism even at such an early age because I know how easy it is for a parent to easily slip into subconscious denial and think that there's nothing wrong othr than a simple delay.
I hope what I write abut Raiyan can help put to rest unnecesary worries about things that you may be suspicious about but at the same time, maybe I can also make you realise or start noticing some traits that you should be suspicious about. It's amazing and startling to find out how clueless a lot of people are about autism because of how varied the symptoms can be.. but I'm sooo ecstatic to hear about you spending more time with your kids (and I know that's not easy being a full time working mom!). SOmetimes I do think having Raiyan having autism is a blessing in disguise because I don't have a choice but to have a more prominent role with the kids. Another good thing is all the skills I learn in treating Raiyan, I'm using to teach Alisha too and one day I hope to teach Addin too!

Thanks soo soo much for your support honey and keep in touch ok!

Love and Hugs, Riana

PURPOSE:Hoping for more understanding and less judgment from all.

 To show the importances of early intervention and an evidence based treatment to help reach the full potential of the child.

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