Learning Ladders on TV (Tonight and Fri)

*I am writing this is in a rush but I intend to elaborate more on World Disability Day when more time permits me!

In conjunction with World Disability Day today, a short movie on Learning Ladders Society which will talk about the children, ABA and the Society will air tonight on RTB1 at 09:35pm and RTB International at 07:30pm and will be repeated tomorrow at 12 noon on RTB1 and 02:40am on RTB International. This video will give a valuable insight of how our children are progressing, you’ll get to hear from Kerri Wilson, our ABA Programme Consultant and of course you get to hear firsthand experiences of families within our society- which of course includes Jeff, Me and RAIYAN!!!

Also, Sharina, Linda and I will be appearing on Rampai Pagi on Friday at 09:35am to talk more about autism, treatment, early intervention and the society.

Happy watching!


Nisa said...

Aww I wish I could watch the programmes! Sounds exciting! Have fun and good luck this Friday! =)

Pweshes Mama said...

Hi Cuz, nanti I give you a copy of the video on DVD and I think your dad is producing the rampai pagi on Friday (but I'm not sure..)! =)

raggedyanne said...

oh gosh, how can i watch rampai pagi? can you put it on youtube?

Pweshes Mama said...

Hi Anne, thanks so much for your interest! Ok, we're in the process of getting the CD from RTB and then I'll post it up ok! thanks again!

Vie said...

Congratulations ! You went on air to raise awareness about autism. What a well-said greeting of your blog about your philosophy on autism. Selamat Hari Raya Haji or Kurban !

Vie said...

Can't wait if you can air the programme into your blog. Thanks.

PURPOSE:Hoping for more understanding and less judgment from all.

 To show the importances of early intervention and an evidence based treatment to help reach the full potential of the child.

 Offering other parents hope to have faith in the positive progress of their child.

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