This is poor Raiyan asleep halfway through us doing the listening activity together. In all fairness to him, he just had a 2 hour ABA session with Jo in the late morning and here I was still trying to make him do more stuff.. As you can see on the drawing, he still complied and did what I told him albeit yawning away.. and then before I know it, he rested his head for a split second and he was asleep!

It's times like these that my heart just painfully melts cause I love him so so much.... Thanks for being a dream son Raiyan and I'm sooo proud of you!


PYNK said...

Oh poor Raiyan! Kejam jua B! hahaha.. he's such an obedient child. And he colors nice too.. He deserves a treat, ling.. :D

Pweshes Mama said...

Awu kejam bah sebenarnya mamanya ani! Yeah I let him have a fun weekend right after!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you should be so proud of him, and of you! You 2 are doing a great job!

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