Rampai Pagi Interview

Linda has just uploaded the Rampai Pagi interview on to the Learning Ladders blog here for those who either missed it or was not able to watch it. And just in case you can't quite catch what we are saying, there is a slideshow summarising all the points made on the show that you can easily see on the main page right under the main header. Happy watching!


Nisa said...

Hi Ka! I just watched the video! Well done! I thought the whole session was very informative considering it was only 15 minutes long! Heehee and it was way more enlightening than I had initially thought, to be honest.. (Coz I like to perasaan that I know quite a lot sudah about autism from following your blog! Hehee!)

Like, I didn't know that in the future, there'll be more autistic people than people with cancer, aids and diabetes put together! And congratulations to Learning Ladders for putting your organisation out there and tirelessly spreading awareness. Now parents can be better informed about their kids! =)

Congratulations once again! =)

Pweshes Mama said...

Thanks darling :D

Actually, there's 6 more minutes yang inda terupload and that's when we talk about the society more.. hopefully we'll be able to upload the whole footage soon. Linda is also in the process of uploading our LL awareness video too and I'm sure you'll learn more from that video ;-).. Kaka pun sebenarnya still have SOOO much to learn you know sal autism ani! It's indeed soooo complicated and there are just too many facets to it!

PURPOSE:Hoping for more understanding and less judgment from all.

 To show the importances of early intervention and an evidence based treatment to help reach the full potential of the child.

 Offering other parents hope to have faith in the positive progress of their child.

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